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Hi! My name is Mary and I have two teenage boys looking at colleges. We are tight on money and have been looking at affordable options. I’ve learned quite a bit about online colleges, and thought that I would write a blog to collect my thoughts, as well as share some of the info I have come across.

Finding yourself a good online college is not a task that you would call easy. There are lots of colleges out there that are scams meant to trap people in programs that are scams. They are only motivated by the promise of earning money. They are not there to provide you with any kind of education but only to waste your money and time. This is why it is vital that you chose yourself a good accredited online college for your online studies.

First and foremost, you need to find out whether the college you plan on selecting is accredited. Being accredited means that it meets the standards that have been set by the government on education. Getting education from an unaccredited will not help you as it will only result in a waste of money and time. It is better to choose one that is accredited.

Third parties tend to have a great influence on the choices that we make. However, it is not every time that these choices are usually right. A third party may recommend you a college and present them to you as a very reliable source of education. Their objective is to earn money too and so you should not base your decision solely on what you learn from you.

What The Best Online Colleges Have to Offer

There are so many great things about the 21st century that I love, and one of them is the advancement in technology. In the past, the only way for me to get a college education was to enroll in a brick and mortar college or university. Today, students have more options and those include getting my education online.

But not all online college programs are places where you should enroll. Here’s how I found the best online colleges to research:

1. I made sure to look for online programs that were accredited. This is your stamp of approval. Not only does it mean that the program you’ve found meets the requirements for academic standards, but it also means that you can safely put the program on your resume and know that the education you receive will enhance your resume and prepare you for the workforce.

2. I also made sure that any credits I received at an online program could be transferred to another college, either online or brick and mortar, if I so choose. You never know when you may have to transfer credits.

3. Finally, I made sure that there was plenty of support if I needed it. You should never enroll in an online college that does not offer academic assistance.

An online program tends to be cheaper than one that is brick and mortar. Nevertheless, if you require financial aid, be sure to look for a program that offers the help you need.