Integrity And The Best Online Colleges

Be prepared for the question on job applications: have a degree? yes/no, and was it from an online or traditional school? Be aware that there is an alarming trend of “too busy” students who capitalize on the prevalence of essay writing services to compose high school papers to doctoral dissertations. Many get away with cheating like this, but might be less likely to be caught in a traditional classroom.

The best online colleges harness the inherent value of the online experience to make teaching work. It is not simply pre-recorded lessons where students parrot back by trying different keystrokes to eventually achieve a falsely inflated score.

Instead, it should allow rapport with the professors, and true self-mastery of concepts and learning. I am the type of person, even with my own online degree, who will ask the questions about where someone received their degree. If it is from the best online schools, I will call the individual in for an interview.

After all, they had to learn sight unseen and navigate tough college or post-graduate work largely on their own. That could be more challenging than the traditional student who can make an appointment to learn in person from a professor between classes.